Here is what some of our happy customers have to say.

Just a quick thank you for the great service which the four of us received from Hastings Auto Rentals. The friendly greeting at the airport by yourself and the mini escorted tour on our arrival after our long overnight flight, was an added extra on the way to our accommodation. The car was immaculacte and never missed a beat during the 2500 plus ks around your beautiful country, despite all the hills and bends we encountered during our months touring holiday. Hastings Auto certainly offers a full customer friendly service. We were also very grateful for the lift to the airport for our return journey. Gwen and I are very sad to see the devastation of such a beautiful city as Christchurch and the suffering of the people, our prayers and thoughts go out to them.
Gwen and Bryan Lewis Perth, Western Australia

Renting a car in New Zealand can be expensive, knowing that I decided to do some research before heading there from The Netherlands. After a lot of searching on the internet I came across Hastings Auto Rentals. I e-mailed them explaining what I needed and if they could help me with that. They replied positively. I ended up renting one of their budget cars, who needs a flash car on holiday? It was a good car that didn't give me any troubles for the whole month I rented it. Hastings Auto Rentals provided me with what I needed at a good price, certainly recommendable!
Sebastiaan Bekker

Thanks for the excellent service with great valve and a friendly atmosphere. Wed recommend Hastings Auto Rentals to anyone Thanks Guys.
Chris, Cath, Lea, Jens,Hooi.
Travelling trainee doctors form the UK

To Whom It May Concern. Please be advised that I hired a car from Hastings Auto Rentals in July and was very impressed with both the quality of the car and service.
Many thanks and regards
Robert Jarvis (Bob)

I have enjoyed hiring cars through your business. Your customer service is friendly and approachable. Your cars are always clean and tidy. I know that I can trust your cars to accelerate quickly, brake steadily when needed, to light the road with clear and bright lights at night. Your cars are easy to drive and are reliable. The price to hire your cars is very reasonable. I would highly recommend to anyone to hire a car from you.
Yours sincerely
Marie Campbell.

I have rented cars from Hastings Auto Rentals on a number of occasions and have always found the cars to be very reliable and a pleasure to drive, whatever my budget at the time,Hastings Auto rentals has a vehicle available that suits my requirements and fits into my budget, I would recommend Hastings Auto Rentals to anybody looking to hire a Car.

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